Winter Holidays – Travel Tips You Should Know

When holidaying in winter there are some important travel tips you should be aware of. Whether you are heading off overseas or exploring your own country, there are some added things you should take into consideration, particularly if you are driving. Despite this don’t limit yourself to only taking trips in summer as getting away in winter can be relaxing and fun, and often accommodation is much cheaper in the cooler months.Driving and SafetyIf you are taking a long road trip then you need to remember to make allowances for the condition of the roads. It can be wet and slippery, so always obey road signs and watch your speed. Be extra careful if you are thinking of going to the snow for your holidays. Be prepared for driving in the snow and carry chains. You will find places to hire these at the base of the mountain. Make sure you know the size of your tyres and that you know how to fit them correctly. You may find that some mountains require you to carry chains by law, so do a bit of research before you leave.Be preparedWhen going on a road trip make sure you are prepared. Take a map or your GPS, and prepare for the worst in case you happen to get lost. Depending on where you are going and how remote it is you might want to pack a bit of food and water, and if you are heading out to somewhere like the outback you will need additional fuel as well. Nights will be cold if you find yourself stranded so pack plenty of warm clothes. Book your car in for a service before you leave, especially if you are taking a long trip, and make sure your tyres aren’t worn, including the spare. If you break down or blow a tyre you may be able to fix the problem yourself, so pack accordingly, but make sure you have a mobile phone and a spare battery.AccommodationThe best part about taking your holiday in winter is that the price of accommodation can be considerably lower, depending on where you are going. For many places it is considered their ‘off season’ so you can find some great deals. Winter is a great time to have a weekend away and places like the Barossa Valley, Margaret River or the Hunter Valley are wonderful places to visit during the cooler months. There is plenty to do and great accommodation on offer where you can just sit and unwind with a good book or enjoy the warmth of an open fire while dining at fine restaurants.International touristsSummer is when Australia has most of its international tourists, but to avoid the crowds and experience Australia in a whole new way, winter can be a fantastic time to visit. Hotels will be cheaper and there will be plenty of rooms available. There will also be cheaper airfares, which is an added bonus.

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